Award-Winning Platform

The ultimate in access…walk up to your job. Keep your staff safe, and more efficient with the Giraffe’s wide, easy, constant gradient stairs.

Just ONE unit can do multiple jobs, thanks to:

  • Infinitely height adjustable deck for different jobs – cantilvered deck designed for, and well proven in the toughest of work environments
  • Ability to ascend/decend ‘hands-free’ with wide easy-climb stairs
  • Multiple deck gates allows VRS to function as both a work platform and an access stairway
  • Constant stair grade, constant bottom step height, and constant footprint size = easy and efficent for the user
  • The wide, flat deck makde previously awkward, dangerous and time consuming jobs easy, safe and very efficent

What our customers say:

“The VRS work platforms have brought flexibility to our workforce and almost eliminated all working at height restrictions with any tasks.”
BMA, Blackwater Mine, QLD

“We have had two VRS units in our hanger since August 2011, and would not work without them now. They have greatly improved height safety, made it simple and efficient to access many difficult areas, and have been totally trouble-free.”
Air New Zealand Maintenance, NZ