TORSA’s vibration monitor is a system for measuring and evaluating the vibrations to which the operators of vehicles of the mining operation are exposed, and serves as a tool for the prevention of occupational risks, allowing the reduction of the number of possible injuries that could derive from your daily activity.

During the working day, an operator is exposed to numerous vibrations while using the vehicles for the range of tasks that are carried out in the mining operation (transport, loading, hauling of ore, etc.). These vibrations can be harmful to the human body and can lead to injuries of different severity.

TORSA’s vibration monitor allows real-time analysis of human exposure to vibrations and is capable of immediately alerting when the safety levels established by international regulations (UNE ISO 8041 / ISO 2631-1) are exceeded.

Vibration data is collected by a sensor pad located in the operator’s seat. This information is sent in real-time to the communications gateway and from there to a server where the information is centralized for viewing through the TORSA Cloud platform thus ensuring the correct interaction, operation and technical information management for all our clients.

Compliance with international regulations and the allocation of a unique ISO 8041 compliance certification document for each system manufactured, ensures this data is considered complete and valid by any type of audit or legal procedure. This certification is carried out by an external and ENAC accredited laboratory.

Benefits and productivity increase

After the development and implementation of TORSA’s vibration monitoring system in the mining operation’s fleet of vehicles, the following benefits have been observed for the different mine areas:

Decrease in operator injury: By monitoring the vibrations in real-time and continuously, it is possible to analyze the serious injuries or “lashes” reported, which in turn enables the identification of those workers who need preventive training.

Analysis of the state of the mine tracks: Applying vibration fusion algorithms with the coordinates of its integrated GPS, hot maps of the mining operation are generated with the real-time status of the tracks as a tool to be used by the maintenance department.

Technical features

  • Real-time monitoring of the exposure of each of the vehicle fleet operators
  • System with configurable network properties and adaptable to any existing typology. Possibility of data integration in the cloud server thanks to 3G / GPRS technology.
  • Built-in internal GPS for real-time fleet management and generation of hot vibration maps throughout the mining operation.
  • Built-in inclinometer for the identification of vibration events due to braking situations on slopes. Generation of graphics of inclination, speed and vibrations in real time.
  • CAN Bus connection to vehicles to obtain telemetry data from them and monitor their indicators remotely.
  • Integration of all data in a single TORSA Cloud management platform, based on profiles and user groups.
  • Configurable security thresholds (RMS, VDV, MTVV, daily dose, etc.) and real-time alert system.
  • ISO 8041 certified system. Each manufactured system has a unique certificate by an external ENAC certified laboratory.
  • Identification of events known as “lashes” caused during loading between the shovels and the trucks that are loaded.