Condensation is a serious threat to accurate level measurement in many liquid applications.

When condensation covers a radar sensor’s antenna, it creates false echoes that distort the level output. Heavy condensation often prevents users from taking advantage of the entire capacity of their process vessels, an inefficiency that proves costly over time. Moreover, it can penetrate and damage radar antennas. Instrument repair and maintenance is expensive, and in the most extreme cases, the harm done to level devices can force a process shutdown. For the innovative VEGAPULS 64, however, condensation on the sensor is no issue.

Each VEGAPULS 64 comes equipped with software that filters out interference and delivers a clear measurement signal even through condensation, vapors, and buildup. The large dynamic range of the product also minimizes the effects of messy conditions by compensating for signal attenuation caused by product deposits. The interior of the VEGAPULS 64 is designed to defend it from condensation, and its exterior matches this commitment to protection.

The antenna system of VEGAPULS 64 is encapsulated in polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or polyether ether ketone (PEEK), preventing cavities or crevices in which condensation can accumulate. This means operators don’t have to worry about contaminants creeping into the instrument and forcing an expensive stoppage.

Ultimately, the VEGAPULS 64 represents a giant leap forward for liquid level measurement. The radar sensor does what was previously thought impossible in many industries; defeats condensation from the inside out. The sensor’s software is intelligent enough to ignore signal interference from condensation, and its antenna is strong enough to resist vapor or liquid. Non-contact and maintenance-free, the VEGAPULS 64 is the total package, functioning excellently, even in applications where heavy deposits and condensation are present.

VEGAPULS 64 featured benefits:

  • Unaffected by condensation and build-up
  • Superior signal focusing misses agitators, baffles, and other vessel installations
  • Compact process fittings make it effective on small tanks and containers
  • Easily retrofits existing processes without costly modifications
  • Accuracy +/-2mm
  • Reliable results even in extreme temperatures