Control Systems Technology has formed a pivotal partnership with Kanawha Scales & Systems (KSS) to offer cutting-edge Truck Loadout Systems across Australia and New Zealand.

This collaboration combines CST’s 30-year legacy in supplying and servicing precision weighing equipment with KSS’s global expertise in delivering high-precision, high-speed loading systems for trains and trucks.

CST-KSS Partnership Highlights

Legacy and Expertise: With a rich history spanning three decades in supplying and servicing precision weighing equipment to Australian and international industries, CST brings unparalleled expertise and reliability to this partnership.

Global Recognition of KSS: Kanawha Scales & Systems, a renowned supplier based in West Virginia, USA, stands as one of the world’s foremost suppliers of Truck Loadouts. Their expertise lies in delivering high precision and high-speed loading systems for both trains and trucks, including pioneering the world’s first fully automated unattended train loadout at Mt Owen in Australia.

Precision and Compliance: Trade verified installations and Australian NMI pattern approval ensure adherence to stringent standards of precision and regulatory compliance.

Key Features of KSS Truck Loadout Systems

Exceptional Precision: Offering high precision and high-speed loading systems for trucks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the loading process.

Compliance and Reliability: KSS’s installations adhere to trade verification standards and possess Australian NMI pattern approval, underscoring reliability and conformity to regulatory requirements.

Top-Up Units for Enhanced Accuracy: Smaller Top-Up units offer practical solutions for improving loading accuracy in existing volumetric systems.

Empowering Precise Truck Loading Operations

The CST-KSS partnership represents a commitment to advancing loading operations, providing precision, reliability, and performance in Truck Loadout Systems. Contact us today to elevate your truck loadout operations across Australia and New Zealand.