In the transport industry, a persistent safety concern revolves around the unchecked movement of both unmanned and manned trucks. This issue occurs whether it’s within the enclosed spaces of a workshop or when personnel maneuver assets with other team members, mechanics, or equipment within the vehicle’s vicinity.

To effectively address this concern, Cirlock is excited to be able to supply the Truck Brake Lockout. This innovative solution enables complete brake isolation through the use of an isolation lock or hasp. When the isolation lock is properly installed, the truck becomes physically immovable while running. This pivotal feature ensures that live testing procedures are conducted safely, safeguarding everyone involved and securing the immediate area around the vehicle.

TBL-1 & TBL-2 Details

TBL-1 (above) is made for use with 1 padlock (1 person).

TBL-2 (above) allows the use of a Hasp, which then allows up to 6 people to lock on and perform work safely.

Please note that the Truck Brake Lockout is specifically designed for trucks equipped with the type of air switch showcased in the accompanying photos. This includes renowned models such as KW, Mack, Western Star, Freightliner, or any other make or model that shares a similar design for the park brake button.

You can choose to isolate both the truck and trailing gear or opt to isolate individual brakes as required by your live testing needs.

The Truck Brake Lockout is proudly Australian made. Visit our website for more details on the TBL, or to explore our range of lockout and tagout products.

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