This innovative tool allows operators to make incremental adjustments to a frame online, reducing the amount of live works.  Components that contribute to the problems with belt drift include: rope, risk, isolation and maintenance. Together they contribute to safety risks as well as the high cost of downtime. Manipulating tracking frames online puts lives at risk, and the downtime associated with conveyor tracking problems is often underestimated. Tying up tracking frames should be done during isolation, but the resulting downtime can be a costly process. Furthermore, it is currently common practice for many sites to tie up frames as a temporary fix to belt drift.

Unfortunately, these are generally forgotten about, causing a repeat of belt drift in the future. The elimination of live works and increasing productivity are the key goals of the Track Straight product. Our patented solutions provide safe online tracking of a conveyor belt through the manipulation of tracking frames through trough and return. Our mechanical units remove the need for isolation, whilst our automatic systems can correct conveyor tracking without the conveyor having to shut down. The result is improved safety and increased productivity.


  • Retrofits onto existing tracking frames
  • Reduced clean-up cost
  • No requirements to isolate
  • Elimination of live works
  • Reduced loss of production
  • Proximity switch log (optional)
  • Safe online incremental conveyor belt tracking
  • Positive culture change