MIP Process Technologies thickeners consist of the following basic parts, each of which is supplied in a number of variations to best suit a particular application:

  • Tank
  • Drive unit and optional lifting device
  • Torque tube (centre shaft)
  • Rake arms and blades
  • Bridge
  • Underflow discharge arrangement
  • Dual feedwell
  • Overflow launders with weirs
  • Instrumentation

Thickeners and clarifiers are operating in the minerals processing, chemical water treatment, industrial and effluent treatment throughout the world. In addition to this existing technology, MIP brings customised and tailor-made process solutions.

In our design, we consider not only your process data, but also the long-term mechanical performance, maximum circuit efficiency, availability and minimised operating costs.

Some of our design considerations include:

  • Precise sizing for the dutyhigh torque planetary gearbox
  • Accurate torque measurement, including a ‘high-torque’ audible and visual alarm with ‘over-torque trip’ for mechanism protection in the event of ultra-high torque conditions
  • High-efficiency feedwell: adjustable feed dilution system
  • Ability to monitor and/or operate via Scada, if so desired
  • Multiple flocculant addition points for easy optimization
  • Full-span walkway for dual emergency exits and to allow easy access