Discover the THERMOSAFE induction drum heater, a smart way to heat up your ferritic metal drums without any fuss.

Easy to use and efficient drum heater solutions.

The THERMOSAFE induction drum heater is an induction coil wrapped in a GRP (fibreglass) tube, offering unparallelled robustness. The drum sits inside the tube and the surface of the steel drum is heated directly as well as the contents being heated via the electromagnetic eddy current effect. This makes for extremely efficient and fast drum heating – across the mass up to 15°C per hour can be achieved (product dependent).

Safe and reliable drum heater

If required, the Thermosafe induction heater can be left unattended, even without a controller.  This heater will heat to a temperature where the input and heat loss to the environment match; it is considered a product that can self-limit. More often than not, this is at a temperature below any danger level, but otherwise, particularly in hazardous areas, it will be combined with a timer, power controller, or temperature controller.

Energy saving and cost-efficient

Electromagnetic induction heating is kind to your wallet. It uses very little power (only 2.25kW at start-up) to give you an effective Wattage of 4.5kW, which means it is a lot cheaper to run compared to old-school drum heaters or big drum ovens. Plus, it has won awards for being so energy-smart and efficient.

No Waste, No Hassle

THERMOSAFE induction drum heater is a great solution for heavy mining greases. With the whole of the metal drum heated, grease that might otherwise stick to surfaces is released for pumping thus reducing wastage.

Download our THERMOSAFE brochure to get all the tips and tricks on using this heater. The guide is packed with easy steps to set up, safety advice, and how to get the most out of your THERMOSAFE heater for different materials and containers.