CDE Global maximises product yield and minimises waste from mining operations.

Choosing CDE means extending the life of your reserve and investing in the sustainability of your mining operations.

Maximising mine production yield

Through the introduction of a customised CDE process improvement package, the company facilitates the processing of lower grade ores. By reducing the cut-off grade, CDE delivers significant efficiencies to mining operations, including:

  • Increasing the volumes of material available for processing
  • Reducing the stockpiling of waste ores
  • Extending the life of reserves
  • Maximising the return on investment

Zero tailings

Through the introduction of its tailings waste management process, CDE Global can eliminate tailings from your mining operation. This process delivers significant production and cost benefits for businesses, such as:

  • Fines management – recover material for further use and minimal waste volumes
  • Primary water treatment – recover 90% of process water for recirculation to ore processing plant
  • Final tailings dewatering – the only waste product will be a filter cake with 80% dry solids content, eliminating the requirement for tailings dams