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Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Plants for VE/Wet Production

Batching plants equipped with twin-shaft mixer for high-quality concrete production.

Perfect for small yards and for average concrete production, the dry-batch plant EURO 4VE/WET is designed to fit in standard shipping containers, making them easy to transport and handle. The plant can be configured for central or lateral aggregate extraction.

Depending on the geographical position the plant can be supplied with plugging, insulation and cooling systems for cold countries and with a set of devices for the addition of ice into the mixture for warm countries.

Plants for Dry Production

Plants for the direct loading into a truck mixer. Single or double loading point. Production capacity: max 200m³/h.

  • VE plants: Aggregate storage bins: 4 to 6; Aggregate storage – at full capacity: cu.m. 95 to cu.m. 260 Max hourly output: 85 cu.m/h
  • MAX plants: Aggregate storage bins: 4 to 6; Aggregate storage – at full capacity: cu.m. 215 a cu.m.315 Max hourly output: 90 cu.m/h

Tower plants

The ideal solution for industrial concrete production. The EUROMECC Beton Tower is distinguished by its high production capacity and low costs of maintenance.

Euromecc’s vertical mixing plants represent the ideal solution for producers of ready-mix and/or precast concrete who require excellent quality, high performance, reliability and a reduction of spaces to be destined to the plant.

A wide and customizable range of models enables to find a perfect solution to almost any requirement such as number and typology of mixers, aggregate loading system, number of storage compartments, accessories and so on.