Emesent Hovermap extends Spot’s autonomous navigation and remote mission planning capabilities with continuous SLAM-based LiDAR mapping – increasing efficiency, simplifying workflows and improving safety.

The solution includes a rugged mount for Hovermap and software integrations which provide a seamless user experience. The mount protects Hovermap in challenging environments and provides power via Spot’s batteries, while still allowing quick and easy attaching and removal of the Hovermap unit.

The Hovermap integration augments the Spot platform with key mobile surveying capabilities, including:

  • Rapid SLAM-based 3D LiDAR mapping that generates high-resolution, high-density data for accurate visualization and analysis.
  • AutoWalk scanning missions. Hovermap scans can be started/stopped automatically as tasks during a Spot AutoWalk mission, allowing routine mapping of sites.

The software integration allows starting and stopping the Hovermap LiDAR scanning via the Spot interface, either during a joystick mission or automatically as a task during Spot AutoWalk missions.

The Spot cage easily attaches Hovermap to Spot, delivering seamless integration and protection. The addition of Long-Range Radio extends communications range, enabling non-stop scanning over larger areas. Missions can be pre-planned remotely from anywhere worldwide by setting waypoints from the desktop Scout application and scheduling Spot to execute a mission at a set time.

Key Benefits

  • Remotely schedule routine inspections to occur at times that minimize operational disruption – no need to be onsite
  • Faster, safer inspection of confined spaces
  • Inspect and map larger areas while still maintaining connectivity, enabling continuous scanning that improves efficiency and accelerates time to insight
  • Increased mapping accuracy and improved situational awareness with world leading SLAM, designed for robustness and reliability in challenging environments

Optimize efficiency and return on investment by deploying the one Hovermap unit across multiple platforms, in addition to Spot – handheld, backpack, vehicle, pole, cage or drone.

Use Cases

Hovermap + Spot can be used for:

  • Routine inspection & mapping
  • Confined space inspection
  • Condition monitoring and maintenance
  • Inspection during periodic shutdowns (turnarounds)
  • Processing plant inspection
  • Emergency first responder
  • Stockpile volumes
  • “Hot spot” inspections e.g. oil leaks
  • Alarm inspections
  • Progress tracking
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Thermal mapping
  • Hazchem detection
  • Forensic analysis
  • Risk assessment

What’s new and improved

  • Best-in-class SLAM-based mapping on Spot – enables highly accurate, high-resolution SLAM-based 3D LiDAR data capture on Spot, enhancing decision making
  • Accelerated workflow – with remote scheduling and pre-planned missions
  • Zero and low light operation – accurate data capture without the need for light
  • Sensor protection – impact protection for Hovermap enables confident operation in challenging environments
  • Fast and easy set up – plug and play integration allows operator to be up and scanning in minutes

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

  • Hovermap ST or ST-X
  • Spot cage
  • Long-range radio accessory
  • Boston Dynamics Spot platform (for sale by Emesent in AU only)

Software Requirements

  • Hovermap Firmware 3.1

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