Prenco manufactures a wide range of spill kits to suit any application.

Prenco spill kits are not just bins and containers full of absorbents with a sticker on the front, they are built to a high quality with the client’s use in mind and have a number of extra benefits and features to make them functional, risk and site-specific to set them apart, including:

  • Colour coding for specific response identification and containing the right absorbents for the risk
  • Loose powder absorbents for better encapsulation of vapours and fluid
  • Functional, unique bin inserts for easy access to the best and required absorbents and PPE equipment
  • Instruction and MSDS holder in bin lids so they don’t get lost or fall to the bottom of the bin
  • Quality spill kit labels indicating the type of fluids for which the kit can respond
  • Security tag lock to indicate use and prevent unauthorised entry
  • Optional weatherproof audit cover for bins to keep bin secure and free of rubbish
  • Service audit tag to ensure kits are maintained on a regular basis
  • Clean-up utensils included in the kits so they are immediately available
  • Spill control station wall signs customised for the type of kit

Not sure which spill kit is best for your application? Please click on the Spill Kit Selector for a useful guide chart.