The operational experience with couplings that we have accumulated over more than 50 years in all sectors of drive technology attests the high performance and quality of our products.

MALMEDIE Safety-Couplings have been used for more than 30 years as torque limiters in various executions (e.g. gear couplings, elastic couplings, cardan shafts etc.). They have thoroughly proven themselves even under very difficult application conditions, such as in the metallurgical industry
and rolling mills, mining and the chemical industry.

Their function is characterised by high precision of disengagement and rapid reset. Thus the drive components of equipment can, on the one hand, be effectively protected from damage due to overload, and on the other hand lost production time can be significantly reduced.

The possible variation in the number and size of the safety elements and of the effective diameter means that the maximum release (shut-off) torque can be selected almost without limit. The individual safety element cannot be overloaded if correctly chosen.

The MALMEDIE Safety-Couplings range offers a large number of variants, so that an optimal solution can be found even for difficult applications.

For the full product specifications, please download the product brochure from this page.