The Safescape Edge Protector (EP) is a system for improved edge protection in open pit mines. The structure is designed to allow open pit haul roads to be narrower while retaining the same or better safety characteristics.

The EP consists of a series of filled polyethylene shells that secure together in a row along the edge of an open pit road. The created wall acts to support a bund of loose rock, giving a vertical face. Edge Protector is designed to prevent truck’s tyres from rolling up the bund.


Edge Protector provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Safescape EP enables reduced stripping ratio while increasing safety performance
  • A reduction in mining costs
  • Increase in revenue from processing of additional accessible ore
  • Significant improvement in the net present value (NPV) of the mining operation
  • Vertical face, reducing likelihood of trucks going over an edge
  • Designed for easy transportation, handling and re-use on site


Safescape, in partnership with the University of Western Australia and Whittle Consulting, has conducted extensive research regarding the numerous benefits of Edge Protector.