IDCON believes that root cause analysis doesn’t adequately describe the results that you want. The company has named its process Root Cause Problem Elimination™ because the ultimate outcome is to actually eliminate the problem.

IDCON’s Root Cause Problem Elimination™ is a simplified, structured and practical method for the frontline organisation to use on the plant floor. By training the frontline and implementing basic problem methods, IDCON finds that 80% to 90% of all problems can be eliminated.

IDCON’s training focuses not only on the critical thinking and problem solving but also the forensics behind typical component failures by combining these, client will be able to more efficiently determine the cause and eliminate future failures.

IDCON offers on-site training in Root Cause Problem Elimination™ or at one of its public seminars. Onsite training can include custom training with storeroom / equipment criticality assessment, on-the-job training. It can also incorporate clients’ real-world problems. Real savings and problem elimination can occur during this one-week training. At a recent training event, the attendees solved six plant problems.