The development of the remote and programmable restart system arises from the need in the mining industry to be able to perform remote restarts on various equipment installed in the vehicle fleet.

Currently, a wide range of instruments from various manufacturers is installed in the fleet of vehicles (dispatch systems, radio, sensors of various types, etc.) and in most cases, it is necessary to guarantee their continuous operation so that vehicles can perform their functions 100%.

TORSA identified that on numerous occasions personnel from different departments of the mine such as IT or systems, find it necessary to have to intervene in the equipment during production, due to incidents in the systems installed in the vehicles. Most of these incidents are resolved by restarting the power supply, causing the devices to restart and restore their operability.

These interventions in the field cause the vehicles to stop producing for a significant time, causing a decrease in productivity in the mining operation.

Due to the above, TORSA has developed a remote and programmable restart system to provide mining operations with a tool that allows the remote restart of third-party devices and which can even schedule recurring restarts at predetermined dates and times.

The system uses a communication interface (with IP and other configurable parameters) to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to the customer’s network and is thereby able to control remotely the operation and programming of the power supply of each of its 8 outputs.

Following the implementation of this system in fleets of vehicles, a significant increase in productivity has been observed, due to a drastic reduction in the number of interventions in the field during production work.

Like the other TORSA solutions, the programmable and remote restart system is also integrated into the TORSA Cloud platform, for greater comfort in the technical management of our clients.