AKA-SAND, a compact and semi-mobile processing plant, supplemented with the patented hydrocyclone control system AKA-TRONIC, is used in sand and gravel industries for desliming and dewatering of sand/water suspensions coming from a suction excavator without losing the fine sand.

Principle of operation

The sand/water suspension coming from the suction excavator is fed directly to the under deck of a double deck screen, developed especially for this purpose. On this deck the sand is classified (e.g. at 4mm) and dewatered. The cut through will be deslimed by the PLC-controlled hydrocyclones (e.g. 63μm) and dewatered on the upper deck. The waste water of the hydrocyclones is recycled directly to the pond. Cutting point can be variable.

AKA-SAND is kept to work at the optimum operational point by widely varying feed conditions. Therefore a high degree of separation and a minimum of fine sand losses are reached. Besides the environmental impact, also the operational costs of ponds and/or clarifying thickeners have recently gained significant interest.