Prospecting-field services

KATI offers a variety of field exploration services associated with initial ore prospecting studies, in collaboration with our skilled service providers Palsatech Oy and Geovisor Oy.

KATI is able to customize the services to fit the exact needs of each client, the application and the environmental conditions or as a comprehensive service package.

The range of skills provided to clients includes:

  • Geochemical sampling
  • Geophysical measurements (ground & borehole)
  • Geotechnical field work
  • Drill site preparation and supervision
  • Core drilling
  • Core sample processing & analysis
  • Plugging and concreting of drill holes
  • Sample logistics and storage
  • Installation of piezometers, inclinometers and extensometers
  • Monitoring of ground and rock conditions

Integrated services of three companies; KATI, Palsatech and Geovisor, is a solution to facilitate an exploration project with minimum investments.

The turnkey nature of project work means clients do not need to invest in machinery, and the company’s resources can be assigned to other projects.