Pre-Insulated Piping Systems


Ensure efficiency, longevity and safety with Permapipe’s range of pre-insulated piping systems. Designed to convey fluids while minimising heat transfer to ambient conditions. Quality guaranteed piping systems are delivered custom-made and ready to install using a simple reinstatement process, complete with vapour tight joint, bend, reducer and tee kits as required.

Trained specialists and state-of-the-art single shot polyurethane injection equipment is utilised, guaranteeing a consistent fill factor to keep heat loss and/or gain to an absolute minimum. The dedicated research and development division ensures continuing advances in system efficiencies and rigorous testing providing confidence in the reliability and safety of Permapipe’s systems.

Polyurethane’s low thermal conductivity and closed cell composition, with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero volatile organic compound (VOC), make Permapipe’s above ground and underground pre-insulated piping systems the most energy efficient and sustainable solution for your project.

Choose Permapipe’s above ground and underground pre-insulated piping systems for optimum performance in the most demanding applications.

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