IFE overband separators are used to separate tramp iron / ferrous impurities from any kind of bulk material. Therewith they are used to protect belts, mills, crushers, screens etc. from damage and can be installed over belt conveyors, vibrating feeders, chutes etc. IFE bulk offers two different kinds of overband separators: electromagnetic or permanent magnetic ones.

Most beneficial are electromagnetic overband separators when strong magnetic fields are needed, higher throughputs are required or the arrangement of equipment only allows for large suspension heights. The oil-cooled coil provides best heat dissipation and hence allows for a compact design. A further advantage of the electromagnetic overband separator is that it can be switched off if needed. All electromagnetic overband separators are available in ATEX-design (explosion-proof). Sometimes the arrangement of equipment requires wider extraction distances. This can be achieved by a permanent magnetic extension, widening the magnetic field and shifting the extraction point of the magnetic field. This type of extension allows for optimal arrangement of a splitter.

In some cases, permanent magnetic separators are preferable to electromagnetic types. This is particularly the case when working with small distances, lower layers or suspension heights or when no electrical connection is available. Typical are suspension heights up to 300mm. The advantage of permanent magnetic separators is shorter amortisation times since there are no energy costs for the magnet, which means a more economical operation.