Our new NanOx system uses nanobubble technology to generate ultrafine bubbles which are entrained with adjustable oxygen levels to optimise your water treatment outcomes.

Nanobubbles are 100nm – 200nm in diameter, ensuring they maintain their integrity, remaining stable for extended periods of time compared to standard bubbles.

Industry Applications

The NanOx system is ideally suited to industrial applications much as Mining and Wastewater Treatment. The NanOx provides a unique treatment option to enhance existing treatments, or to target lingering, hard to treat issues that might otherwise require more costly infrastructure and chemical reliant treatment.

Key Benefits include:

  • Increases reaction and recovery rates of heap leaching
  • Improves Oxidation-Reduction Potential levels raising effective iron oxidation, sulphide oxidation and copper extraction efficacy
  • Accelerates colloidal bonding, particle flocculation, separation, flotation, and settling, further optimising mineral recovery
  • Reduces the need for chemical coagulants and flocculants, minimising the environmental impacts of mining