The MQi Hydromet Analyser is used for an in-line measurement of the composition of solutions.


Ionic species in clear solutions are measured in-line and in real-time. The technology is based on absorption spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques. The technology is inherently safe.

MQi Hydromet Analysers are suitable for installation in any plant environment as long as the feed to the MQi is filtered and free of suspended solids.


During the leaching process in hydro-metallurgical processes, undesirable species may also enter into solution. The leachate then needs purification to eliminate these undesirable contaminants.

Aqueous phase contamination can cause contamination of the final product, thus leading to a lower selling price of the valuable product.

Ideally, the concentrations of these contaminants should be monitored on-line in real time. By using the MQi Hydromet Analyser, reliable composition data is made available in real time, enabling control.


Closed loop control can prevent overdosing of expensive additives during the purification process.