Mining truck wheel chocks

Miner Elastomer Products mining truck wheel chocks are designed for the demanding requirements of the mining industry. Currently two sizes of wheel chocks are available with more under development.

The TecsPak wheel chocks are designed for over-the-road trucks and large mining haul trucks. Tough TecsPak wheel chocks are virtually indestructible and suited for all types of environments. All TecsPak wheel chocks are made from high-visibility orange TecsPak material.

The large wheel chock line is designed for mining haul truck applications. For 240t and larger haul trucks, a minimum of four wheel chocks are recommended.  These chocks are strong, lightweight and crush-resistant. Individual chocks weigh in about 30lb and will not damage tires even if they are run over.

Mining haul truck suspensions

Miner Elastomer Products has a selection of TecsPak haul truck suspensions available for various model trucks. TecsPak suspensions are built to replace the oil and nitrogen OEM suspensions. The TecsPak suspensions provide a superior ride in both the loaded and unloaded condition. These suspensions are designed to handle specific loads in all types of environment.

TecsPak suspensions are virtually maintenance free. There is no oil or nitrogen to refill and no seals to leak and replace, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance cost per hour of operation. Installation is as simple as removing the OE oil, nitrogen suspension and installing the TecsPak suspension.

All Miner Elastomer suspensions are designed to accept the OE load monitoring system already on the truck. No modification to the truck is necessary and standard off-the-shelf bearings are used in all TecsPak suspensions.

Note: TecsPak is the registered trade mark of Miner Enterprises.