For gold mines looking to improve productivity or cost efficiency, MetOptima’s advanced analytics suite offers actionable, data-backed insights for optimization across the entire circuit (grinding, flotation & leaching processes).

It’s an always-on “AI metallurgist” that helps plant operators achieve consistent top-quartile performance through process parameter recommendations. Most solutions on the market today control processes to a defined setpoint – MetOptima leverages AI and machine learning to determine your optimal setpoint, building on what you already have.

This AI metallurgist analyzes your data around the clock and helps you get the most from your plant by identifying opportunities & recommending actions for improved recovery and throughput.


All of the below operational metrics translate to an amplified financial impact in terms of improving revenue and cost:

  • Increased throughput: MetOptima’s recommendations can increase throughput by 3-5%*
  • Improved recovery: 1-3%* Increase in recovery when implementing processing plant optimizations.
  • Reduced costs: Reduced operational expenses through holistic process optimization.
  • Better tracking & Efficiency: MetOptima offers continuous scanning for improvement by reoptimizing the plant every 4 hours.
  • Secure environment: MetOptima was built with security at its core from day one.
  • Easily deployed: MetOptima integrates into existing core control systems (e.g., SCADA), sensors and data sources, with a minimal system footprint.
  • Intuitive interface: the web interface was built with operators and metallurgists in mind.
  • Intelligent models: our collection of advanced analytical models is specific to each process unit. Predictive models are used for metallurgical and economic setpoint recommendations.
  • Secure & protected: highly available and secure cloud-based infrastructure. Security features include role-based access, separation of environments, cloud infrastructure security, regular security updates, encrypted data in transit (HTTPS/SSL), secure authentication, outbound connections only, data at rest is encrypted, web application firewalls (WAF).
  • Aggregated activity log: a repository of which changes were made along with the respective rationale acts as an educational tool to help operator performance.
  • Adherence analysis: track recommendations and implementation in an aggregated view to see how the tool is utilized in the plant, and how productivity differs by shift.
  • Impact tracking: Track the continuous value in recovery: Actual (current value), optimized (improvement available), and baseline (historical performance before MetOptima was implemented).

Other benefits include operational consistency through reduced variability in control system setpoints and streamlined employee training.


MetOptima is a cloud-based system that provides AI-based recommendations to metallurgists and operators. It provide a holistic, system-level optimization, sitting above traditional controls and enablers.

It leverages aggregated plant and sensor data through the client adapter and applies our suite of advanced analytical and predictive models to the data to generate recommendations every 4 hours, which the shift operator either accepts or rejects via a user-friendly web app.

Our production support team continuously monitors platform uptime, adoption metrics, data quality and assists with incident resolution.


With MetOptima, you get a unique combination of powerful digital analytics backed by Draslovka’s innovative chemistry & real-time measurement.

When you work with Draslovka, you have a long-term partner who understands your needs and is committed to enabling your ongoing growth and profitability through innovation.

  • Our team has 200+ years of collective experience, with extensive metallurgical expertise.
  • We’re trusted by the biggest mines around the world, with 95% of our customers being promoters.
  • We are a leading producer of mining reagents, with the most efficient CN production process in the world.
  • We have a presence in every continent and operate the largest distribution network in the Americas.
  • Our Innovation Centre is continuously developing breakthrough technologies to future-proof your mining operations.