TECCO® G80/4 provides economical support for rock bursting tunnels
TECCO® is the perfect solution for high-stressed, rock burst or squeezing ground, as a replacement or extension of shotcrete, fibercrete or mesh, in conjunction with cable lacing.

In particular for dynamic surfaces, TECCO mesh provides an extremely attractive cost-performance ratio.

TECCO mesh is manufactured from a 3mm high-tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of 1,770N/mm². Together with a pattern of bolting or anchoring, it stabilises steep, unconsolidated rock and rock slopes.

MINAX® M85 / 2.7 offers cost-effective general surface support
For general ground conditions, MINAX® replaces welded mesh sheets or heavy mild steel chainlink mesh as a light-weight solution.

MINAX offers higher strength than welded mesh commonly used, with significantly less overlap loss and allows significant shorter installation times.

Designed specifically for the underground mining industry, MINAX M85/2.7 provides unparalleled quality through performance, durability and reliability, combined with maximum efficiency.

MESHA® installation handler is fast, safe and fully mechanised
The MESHA® handler is a piece of fully automated unrolling equipment harnessed onto standard drilling jumbos or bolters.

It can be installed on a jumbo boom in parallel with a drill, with the drill and anchoring equipment situated on the other boom. This means the jumbo is fully equipped for unrolling and anchoring the high-tensile MINAX or TECCO mesh in a single process.

The material roll is automatically grasped and unwound along the tunnel vault in both directions (vertical and horizontal); during the process, the installation crow is never exposed to working on unsupported ground.

The MESHA handler is compatible with all multi-arm standard drilling jumbos and bolters, making surface stabilisation considerably safer, easier and more economical.