Designed for large excavators between 44,000lb and 77,200lb, the MB-S18 S3 is great for screening various kinds of material with outstanding performance.

It can be used for both pre-crushing and post-crushing jobs.

The MBS18 S3 screening bucket can reduce crushing time up to 60% by screening the material before crushing. It also allows for the screening of natural material (quarry residue, dry soil, and river stone) of any kind and makes it convenient for on-site processing.

The MB-S18 S3 screening bucket can be equipped with the magnet and nebulizer accessories to increase the versatility for the separation of iron and allow its use in inhabited centers with the ability to suppress dust.

A must in reducing volumes and optimizing the size of materials for specific uses.

MB screening buckets are equipped with baskets formed by interchangeable modular panels that are available with holes of different sizes based on requirements.