Knowing how effective your organisation is in reliability and maintenance helps to focus your energies on the right things at the right time. The first step is often assessing or auditing current practices to determine where gaps exist.

As a maintenance management consulting firm, IDCON has performed maintenance assessments for industry such as processing, manufacturing and facilities. The company’s assessment studies current performance against key indicators; the difference found or ‘gap’ represents real reliability and maintenance improvement opportunities.

IDCON supports clients’ efforts by enhancing the way operations, maintenance, stores and engineering must work together in a partnership to generate reliable production throughput through world-class maintenance.

Closing the gaps in maintenance management

Once the gaps are exposed organisations must then agree on goals and implementation. IDCON helps clients develop a road map towards better reliability and maintenance performance in work management, including planning and scheduling, preventive maintenance, spare parts and materials management, operator essential (basic) care and root cause analysis.