Explore the Magnum Optimum 975 large foldable IBC container, your perfect solution for space-saving and efficient storage: This foldable IBC container is designed with your logistical needs in mind. Ideal for dry goods storage and transportation.

Maximising Space and Efficiency

In the mining industry, the efficiency of operations can significantly impact the bottom line. The Magnum Optimum 975’s foldable design allows for up to 30% space savings in its folded state compared to other folding logistics containers, while offering 10% greater unfolded internal volume. This means more materials can be stored and transported in fewer trips, optimising logistics and reducing costs, a critical advantage in the sprawling and often isolated mining sites across Australia.

Easy to use and space-efficient design

Magnum Optimum 975 is easily collapsible significantly reducing the amount of space needed when not in use, enabling you to save on return shipping expenses and make the most out of your storage areas.

Customisable Height

Magnum Optimum 975 offers a unique ability to add capacity to the unit by installing ‘Optiframe’ which allows the addition of 100mm of height to the standard unit.  While reducing the numbers that can fold into a standard pallet stack, this option does allow for maximising the use of a pallet space in transit or the ability to fit a greater specified volume in one unit.

For mining operations looking to enhance efficiency and sustainability, the Magnum Optimum 975 foldable IBC container offers a compelling solution. To learn more about how it can transform your mining logistics, explore our detailed brochure, where you’ll learn about maximising operational benefits, sustainability, and cost savings in the challenging mining landscape.