lifting table

The Lifting Table is used to transfer aluminium ingots from a top conveyor to a bottom conveyor. This device does a complete cycle every two seconds and runs 24 hours a day. This means the possibility of failure due to fatigue is very high for variable components. To prevent this a rugged design is developed with heavy-duty precision bearings guided by machined rails.

The bearings can absorb the high radial and axial loads which gives the best dispersion of forces in the guide rails. The lifting table is a modular designed item to minimise downtime during installation or repairs. A single hydraulic cylinder mounted with a top and bottom clevis is used to operate the lifting table.

The design of the lifting table is focused on the following key areas:

  • Reliability with specific focus to reduce breakdowns.
  • Accessibility for maintenance, fault finding and repair.
  • Operators’ safety during operation of the lifting table.
  • Reduce breakdown time when damaged parts/sub-assemblies must be replaced.
  • Reduce overall running cost of unit.