Sourced from natural resources, KnockOut Eco Dust is formulated with highly aggressive hygroscopic materials, which are complexed with amino acids to bind the road material together and gather moisture from the air. The non-toxic Eco Dust can be applied for any dust control application and is safe for human contact and plants.


KnockOut Eco Dust is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-strength dust particle binder. Prior to application, the liquid concentrate is mixed with water to achieve recommended dilution. When the solution is sprayed on the soil, it forms a stable and effective dust control matrix.

How it Works

Knockout Eco Dust absorbs dust particles. It is an interval-based solution that utilizes reduced maintenance applications, enabling you to perform road grading maintenance without hindering product performance. Occasional water treatment intervals will reinvigorate Knockout Eco Dust particles. As occasional water treatments can lose efficiency, a diluted re-application of the solution can be applied to regenerate product binding strength. This can be accomplished with a water or computer rate-controlled distributor truck.

Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Binds fine soil particles to prevent fugitive dust
  • Liquid concentrate can be added to a water truck and mixed without agitation
  • Non-toxic as applied to animals or marine life. Passes Acute Toxicity Test (EPA-821-R-02-012)
  • No arsenic, chlorine, copper, mercury or heavy metals

Long-term dust control for road/gravel areas and mining quarries

The presence of dust is one of the toughest and most hazardous parts of maintaining a gravel pit. We believe dust control should be an easy, economical and safe process. KnockOut Eco Dust is a long-lasting, non-toxic, biodegradable and versatile dust control solution.

What is KnockOut Eco Dust?

Eco Dust is a specially formulated dust control product created with efficiency in mind. It’s economical due to its 1:4 ratio of dilution in water, non-corrosive, and very easy to use.

Why choose KnockOut Eco Dust?

HMI’s KnockOut Eco Dust takes the best parts of both popular dust suppressants on the market without any of the drawbacks. Similar to water, Eco Dust doesn’t contain any toxins or pose danger to any personnel. However, unlike water, KnockOut Eco Dust is a practical dust control solution. Due to the volume of water needed to properly coat a work area, it becomes an expensive, impractical, and short-term solution. Water at its best can only suppress dust for 12 hours an application, KnockOut Eco Dust can last longer from a single application. With dust abatement and anti-pollution standards being put into law, dust control has never been more important. For gravel pits, the non-toxic formula enables you to control dust without about harming nearby wildlife.

Other than water, chlorides are some of the most popular dust suppressors on the market. However, modern chlorides can pose danger to living things. Chlorides are corrosive to steel, which can damage equipment and structures. They can leech into the ground leading to uneven coverage and can harm surrounding vegetation and natural water sources.