CST’s Latest Innovation is the Wireless IntelliRoll Autonomous Weigh Roll Unit and smart phone app.

Revolutionizing the landscape of process control belt scales, Intelliroll is designed to redefine accuracy, performance, and user convenience. Our cutting-edge belt scale technology caters to diverse industrial needs, offering unparalleled precision and adaptability in process investigations, ad hoc testing, and backup belt scale functionalities.

Intelliroll smart phone app:

  • Easy communication without wiring.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth app for iPhone and Android devices.
  • All the data straight to your phone!

Key Advantages:

Precision and Stability: Achieve static repeatability within 0.1% of the test weight with an exceptionally stable zero, ensuring accuracy even in dynamic operational environments.

High-Performance Metrics: Experience performance metrics ranging from 2.0% to 5.0% after factoring, providing reliable and consistent measurements across varying conditions.

Advanced Features: Equipped with state-of-the-art features including a 32-Bit ARM M4 Processor, dual 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs for weight measurement, 3 Axis Accelerometer, Temperature Sensor, Built-in Tachometer, and Energy Harvesting Generator for seamless functionality.

Wireless Connectivity and Mobility: Utilize Wi-Fi communication for user connectivity, interfacing with standard belt weigher interfaces or direct integration with iOS and Android devices. The Intelliroll Interface ensures data accessibility and download within Wi-Fi range.

Adaptability and Control: Offering versatility, the technology facilitates communication with a PLC, integrates with conveyor systems, or connects to PC computers or CST weigher interface panels for constant monitoring and control functions.

Australian Designed and Built: Crafted and engineered in Australia, this disruptive belt scale technology represents a pinnacle of precision, reliability, and innovation in weighing systems.

Self-Powered and Cable-Free Operation: Operate seamlessly without the need for cables, benefitting from energy harvesting and battery operation during belt stoppage for up to 8 hours.

CST’s disruptive belt scale technology signifies a paradigm shift in the realm of process control belt scales, delivering unmatched accuracy, adaptability, and user-centric features for streamlined operations across diverse industries.

For more details, download our Intelliroll brochure.