CDE Global offers industrial sands for a variety of industrial applications, and they typically require more complex processing systems than sands for use in construction applications.

Sometimes a high level of purity is required for a specific requirement, adhering to very tight standards and specifications in the final product.

CDE Global’s customised processing systems can be employed to produce a variety of specialist industrial sands, including:

  • Glass sands
  • Frac sands
  • Filter sands
  • Foundry sands
  • Sports and horticultural sands
  • Equestrian sands

These sands are then used in a wide range of industrial applications such as:

  • Glass making
  • Ceramic tile adhesives and grout
  • USGA golf sands for use in the construction of bunkers and greens
  • Lignite removal
  • Filtration media in wastewater treatment
  • Metal casting and production
  • Paint and protective coatings
  • Oil and gas recovery (proppants)
  • Chemical production

CDE Globals’ unique approach to the design and delivery of industrial sands processing plants offers the following key advantages:

Tailoring to your requirements – customised turnkey processing systems are built according to the feed material, the customer’s final product specifications and capacity requirements.

Modularity – CDE’s systems are designed as modular components or individual building blocks to ensure a synergy between all individual pieces of equipment.

Durability – CDE uses the highest quality components to maximise plant productivity, availability and service life.

Ease of maintenance -plant production is optimised by making maintenance access as easy as possible, guaranteeing the safety of site personnel.

Process control – CDE Global designs, installs and commissions processing plants and ensures the efficient integration of all equipment, to deliver maximum plant efficiency.

Energy-efficient design – full electric power is employed for a cleaner, quieter and safer site.