Due to industry demand, Cirlock has designed and manufactured a world-first lockout device for isolator bars/motor control centre switches.

Flexibility of lockout devices is crucial, while at the same time never compromising on the safety of the product.  The IBL-KIT is designed to be able to lock out nearly all shapes and sizes of bars.  The IBL-KIT comes with the RED High Vis handle lockout, various sized inserts, as well as extension pieces, making it possible to lockout most lengths, sizes and thickness of bar/handles. Also great for group isolation processes with two built-in 7mm padlock holes allowing application of several padlocks and/or hasps.

This product is made from impact and chemically resistant ABS material.

Sold in convenient kit form and available now, the IBL-KIT includes:

  • Cirlock Lockout Carry Bag
  • IBL-1 Main Lockout Device – RED
  • 4 different size discs for different sized bars
  • 2 different lengths of PVC Extensions for longer bars (can be joined together with supplied joiner for longer arms).