When you need to quickly and safely warm up the contents of a large container, our specialized IBC immersion heater is the ideal solution. We have developed a powerful and easy-to-use IBC immersion heater that is particularly effective when you’re in a hurry and need to heat liquids rapidly.

Powerful and Efficient IBC Immersion Heater Solutions

Our SBH Solutions IBC immersion heater is available with power options of 2400W and 3000W. It features an adjustable 0 – 120°C thermostat. This thermostat is mounted on a sturdy stainless steel plate atop the IBC, providing the heater with a stable platform away from the element coil on the lower half. While the element is standard in Incoloy 800, for highly alkaline products, it can be manufactured with Incoloy 825.

Optimised for Cold Conditions

In winter or colder ambient temperatures, our IBC immersion heater excels by gradually achieving temperatures of 30 – 40°C throughout the mass of an IBC. This performance can be enhanced with an insulation-only heater jacket, which prevents energy loss to the surroundings and ensures higher temperature efficiency. For products that are particularly difficult to heat, IBC immersion heaters can also be used in conjunction with insulated heater jackets.

Safe and Reliable

The concentrated heat of the IBC immersion heater is a significant benefit but requires careful handling, especially since it is designed to be submerged directly in the product. The SBH Solutions IBC immersion heater is primarily designed for indoor use. However, we also offer a version for outdoor, exposed applications. Upon receiving a relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), we may suggest an alternative element material to suit your specific needs.

Upgrade Your Warming Process Now!

With SBH Solutions IBC immersion heaters, you can easily and safely warm up your products, maintaining them at the perfect temperature. Want to learn more about how this IBC immersion heater can benefit you? Download the product brochure, or contact us today to discover the ideal heater for your products.