The Hyperpool low weir screener is a four-panel, dual-motor, high frequency, linear motion vibrating screen machine designed for fine particle separation. The machine is offered with a choice of either SG or SG2 vibratory motors.

A low weir feeder distributes slurry evenly across the entire width of the screen frame. The hopper attached to the underside of the unit captures liquid underflow passing through the screen bed, and an overs chute receives oversize material that does not pass through the screen panels.

The screen frame is suspended between the feed and discharge end uprights of the support structure and provides the mounting surface for the screen panels and also includes mounting provisions for the vibratory motors and screen compression system. The vibrating motion of the screen frame is isolated from the surrounding structural members by eight float mounts—four at each end.

The vibratory motors are attached directly to the screen frame and positioned over the screening bed to maximize the G forces transferred to the screen surfaces. Float mounts isolate the vibratory motion of the screen frame from the support structure. Hyperpool screeners permit the discharge end to be raised to one of several angles, for example, 0°, +4°, or +6°, to maximize fluid handling and solids removal.

The Hyperpool screener’s concave screen bed directs the feed material toward the center of the bed. The unique screen compression system conforms the screens to the concave shape of the screen bed, which is covered with oil-resistant cushions. Screen panels are retained by compression pins that are extended and retracted by the manually operated compression assemblies mounted on the side plate. A removable handle inserted into a socket on each compression assembly permits the operator to extend and retract the screen compression pins to alternately retain and release each screen panel. When the compression pins are extended, the outer edges of the screen panels are forced inward, causing the panels to conform to the distinctive concave shape of the screen bed and locking them securely in place.