In the world of mining or dredging, you can face a lot of different situations or problems. Dragflow is a specialist in customising solutions to satisfy clients’ needs.

Dragflow’s hydraulic systems can be easily adapted to every specific request. They include:

Submersible, heavy-duty agitator pumps are hydraulically driven with variable RPM

Main features

  • All pumps have standard high efficiency agitator to lift settled solids
  • High abrasion-resistance with high chrome wear parts
  • Low rotation speed to reduce wear effect
  • Able to handle up to 70% solids by weight
  • Easy installation on the boom of hydraulic excavators

Dragflow heavy-duty hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic submersible agitator slurry pump characteristics include:

  • Pump provided of agitator to stir things up
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low rotation speed
  • Able to handle up to 70% per weight material density

Pump HY24 can be easily installed and driven by a mini-excavator. No cables and no electric supply required, just plug in the pump and work.

Dragflow hydraulic power pack

Dragflow’s hydraulic power pack, which is suitably sized for the pumps and cutters, can also be designed to drive hoist, winches and auxiliary equipments.

The power pack has the following optional features:

  • Sound-proof canopy (ompliant with European directives)
  • Remote control, with hydraulic line or wireless
  • Operator control cabin wwith controls desk, seat, air-conditioning / heater, lockable doors
  • Container style power pack

All power pack are design, assembled and tested by Dragflow in order to satisfy the most demanding clients.