In the mining industry, managing lubrication and grease effectively is crucial for the smooth operation of machinery and equipment. Our Greasetainer Heater is designed to meet the unique needs of the mining sector. This innovative industrial heater ensures that grease maintains optimal viscosity for efficient pumping, even in the coldest conditions.

Tailored Heating Solution for Mining Needs

The mining environment presents a unique set of challenges, including extreme temperatures that can affect the performance of grease. The Greasetainer Heater addresses these challenges directly, providing a reliable way to maintain grease at the perfect temperature for pumping. This eliminates delays, blocked pumps, or equipment damage due to thick, unmanageable grease.

Efficiency and Reliability

Combined Equipped with a proven heating design, our Greasetainer Heaters guarantee uniform heat distribution, ensuring that the entire contents of the container are kept at a consistent temperature. This uniformity is key to ensuring that grease pods are as empty as possible before being returned to the supplier for refilling, maximizing yield.

Safety and Durability Design

Handling grease is a dirty job, so to protect against grime and extend the life of the heater jacket, a heavy-duty PVC cover is included. This cover is replaceable if necessary and increases the ingress protection from IP54 to IP55. Safety is paramount in the Greasetainer Heater’s design, featuring a temperature limiter on the thermostat and a failure mode that defaults to “OFF”.

To discover how the Greasetainer Heater can transform your mining operations, please download our brochure. Dive into the features and benefits of this essential mining solution and take the first step towards enhanced operational efficiency and reliability.