GlyLeach™ is a revolutionary metal leaching process that can be used to selectively leach base metals such as nickel, cobalt and copper. It’s an environmentally friendly and sustainable process that provides more targeted and efficient leaching at a lower cost.

GlyLeach™ has the remarkable ability to unlock carbonate hosted copper oxide deposits. These deposits, which were previously inaccessible through traditional acid leaching methods due to excessive acid usage, can now be processed profitably.

Because glycine is a more selective lixiviant than acid, almost no non-target metals like magnesium or iron are extracted in the process.

GlyLeach™ enables production from tailings at a lower cost, and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Benefits of GlyLeachTM:

  • Selectively leaches base metals like copper, nickel & cobalt.
  • Substantial ESG benefits in reducing the amount of chemicals required.
  • Transforms previously uneconomic mineral deposits into profitable projects.
  • Easy to implement at existing operations

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About Glycine Leaching Technology:

Developed with Curtin University, GLT is a revolutionary new metal leaching technology which combines glycine (a non-toxic chemical), with sodium cyanide for the enhanced recovery of metals.

As a primary reagent, glycine is environmentally friendly and can be recycled and re-used, providing a major cost advantage over and above the reduction of cyanide consumption.

  • Glycine is a non-toxic amino acid that is fully bio-degradable. It’s used as a food additive for both humans and animals and has sugar-like appearance.
  • It is unique in its ability to selectively leach certain base and precious metals such as gold, copper, nickel, cobalt and silver.
  • Glycine is non-volatile and stable under typical gold leaching conditions.
  • It’s not chemically consumed. As a primary reagent, it’s recoverable and recyclable, providing a major cost advantage.
  • It’s effective with starved levels of cyanide for complex gold ores (gold ore with elevated base metals), and free milling gold ores.

Our Engagement Model:

Our engagement process consists of a series of stages to guide and showcase the benefits of this new process compared to cyanidation:

  • DISCOVERY TESTS – sample tests are conducted at our innovation center in Australia to ensure viability of our process for your operation.
  • RISK REDUCTION TEST – process conditions are refined & a benefit estimate is provided. This can be done onsite, at a certified lab or at our center.
  • PILOT DEMONSTRATION – this can be done onsite, at a certified lab, or at our center in Australia.
  • TRIAL – trials are conducted at the plant (or at a large scale) to validate operational suitability.
  • IMPLEMENTATION – Draslovka grants a commercial user license, the technology is implemented and ongoing support is provided.