The Derrick Front-to Back screen tensioning system is one of the most innovative machines available for dry screening. The system offers increased capacity, improved efficiency and extremely fast panel changes. In a unique move, derrick engineers rotated the tensioning panels on the screen frame 90°, positioning the crown of the screen parallel to the material flow.

This change in crown orientation assures an even distribution of material across the entire width of the screen, increasing capacity and efficiency while reducing panel wear and minimising blinding. Customers have achieved up to 30% capacity increases with improved efficiencies in products ranging from 0.25in (6.35mm) down to 120 mesh (38µm).

With no drawbars or bolts to tighten, screen panel changes can be easily done with just one person in just minutes. One end of the screen panel is simply hooked unto the static edge of the bed and the other end onto the tension bar. The tension bar is then rotated to the desired tension and the locking nut is tightened.