FPC / Rigid Flex Application
Flex circuits and rigid flex can be used to improve the reliability, design flexibility with 3D configuration, the weight and size to the total electronic package.

Features and benefits

  • Operation temperature: 105C to 200C
  • Layer count: one to 15
  • Harsh environment: anti-vibration and chemical-resistant
  • Signal shielding is available
  • Flexibility for bending: up to 200K bending cycles with standard material
  • Various surface treatment is available

Heater flex
Amphenol offers polyimide flexible heater solutions for medical, instrumentation and fiber optic device applications, which provide localised heating with a quick ramp and consistent operating temperature.

Power flex
Heavy copper FPC (6mil – 40mil) that can carry up to 100 amps current with reinforced fingers for through-hole solder or terminated to power connectors.