The series of expandable containers are manufactured from a standard 20ft (6m) shipping container and is fully compliant with ISO international standards.

These containers can expand to approximately three times the footprint size of a standard container. The units can be levelled prior to expansion with mechanical levelling jacks or automatic electrical levelling jacks. A total of two persons are required to open the container and prepare it to be fully operational.

Each container is fitted with a mechanical room (dirty section) which houses the specific equipment such as generators, pumps, geysers, water and diesel tanks, air-cons, ventilation fans or any other equipment which must be concealed from personnel. The expandable container series is designed to easily interface with various other modules used in constructing any type of mobile camp.

SME offers the following modules:

  • Kitchen units
  • Ablution units
  • Shower units
  • Combined ablution units (shower and toilets)
  • Laundry units
  • Storage units & various hospital type units

Containers can be tailored to meet exact requirements such as interior and exterior colour, type of internal equipment, electrical & water interfaces, interfaces to tented sections and more.