Equipment Data Interface (EDI) provides instant access to vital machine snapshots and data loggers. This user-friendly software plugs directly into your site’s asset health solution, enabling maintenance analysts to quickly analyse large quantities of machine health data and troubleshoot issues.

EDI is a powerful time-saving app which can significantly improve the efficiency of your operation. It is fully automated, meaning there is no need to manually import data and files. EDI is accessed via your web browser and does not require installation of desktop software.


EDI is an intuitive tool with multiple features, including:

  • Automated email notification for new snapshots/dataloggers
  • Multi-axis chart plotting
  • Associated alarm plotting
  • Ability to zoom in/out on data series
  • Scenario saving for repeated analysis
  • Fully automated process removes the requirement to manually import data and files
  • Powerful analytics tools (superior to standard ‘fixed’ PDF reporting)
  • Web browser-based avoiding the need for desktop software
  • Integration with ERP systems, including automated work order notifications