Rockfalls are hazardous, cause delays and cost money

In mines, rocks and loose debris can often fall from cut slopes onto benches or haul roads. To limit the impact of falling rocks and debris on mine operations, Maccaferri offers a wide range of rockfall mitigation measures, including dynamic rockfall barriers.

Maccaferri rockfall barriers are installed on the cut bench slopes to intercept and stop falling rocks and boulders. The rockfall barriers are supplied in kit form for a specific height, length and energy absorption capacity.

Effective rockfall barriers

Maccaferri rockfall barriers feature a unique, patented, compression braking system.

This energy absorption device is a simple, yet effective mechanism because it maintains performance throughout the entire design life of the structure. Unlike traditional ‘friction brake’ devices, the compression tube brake is very easy to visually inspect by maintenance engineers as it progressively crushes as the fence is impacted. Also, it does not become clogged with grit or corrosion over the life of the fence, which could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the barrier under impact.

Maccaferri rockfall barriers available with ETA approval

The company supplies rockfall barriers (sometimes known as ‘catch fences’) with energy absorption capacities from 250kJ up to 8,600kJ.

These systems were developed through a combination of design and field tests, as required by the official standards (eg. Swiss, Austrian and ETAG 027-2008 Guideline for European Technical Approval of Falling Rock Protection Kits).

Where greater energy absorption is required, Maccaferri soil reinforced embankments can be used.