Dropsafe Accessories, such as the Dropsafe Padlock, provide application-specific solutions to reduce the threat posed by Dropped Objects across the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Mining, Power, Industrial and Marine industries.

Dropsafe manufactures a variety of dropped and falling object prevention accessories to complement our core product range. All Dropsafe Accessories have been designed for use in harsh environments using the highest quality materials, whilst offering exceptional performance and durability.

The range of Dropsafe Accessories includes the Dropsafe Padlock, 4-Part Safety Chackles, Lanyards, Securing Cables and Carabiners.

The Dropsafe Padlock features an integrated securing cable and carabiner which enables the padlock to be tethered to a secure structure, preventing the padlock from becoming a Dropped Objects hazard when being misplaced or temporarily stored on walkways and beams at height.

It is recommended to only use securing cables for fixtures where the manufacturer has built-in attachment points specifically designed for secondary securing.

Furthermore, due to dynamic load risk the fixture manufacturer’s secondary attachment points must withstand 5 times the Safe Working Load (SWL).

Do not exceed the SWLs of Dropsafe accessories, never reuse any accessories after shock loading, signs of wear or degradation and finally, for the Dropsafe 4-part Shackles, ensure shackle pins are properly bent to prevent them from coming out.