The DISPATCH® Underground system delivers unparalleled mine management from the production face to the central office, and all points in between, to provide the most effective end-to-end solution for greater efficiency, productivity, and safety of underground operations.

Increase Equipment Utilization and Productivity

  • Track equipment location via RFID tags or GPS
  • Monitor changes to equipment operational status
  • Ensure that equipment is in the right place at the right time via active task management

Maximize Material Movement

  • Monitor production target processes through automated tracking capabilities
  • Inherit density and grade data from source locations
  • Maintain material quantities and qualities between survey intervals

Reduce Waste and Operating Costs

  • Alleviate workflow bottlenecks through automated sequential task assignments
  • Reduce non-productive equipment travel and idle time
  • Minimize reaction times to draw point hang-ups, ore pass blockages, and other delays at the working face

Enhance Operator Safety

  • Utilize paperless equipment Prestart checklists to ensure operator accountability for assessing equipment condition
  • Review Pass/Fail Prestart checklist items on a per-unit basis to confirm equipment is safe for operation
  • Broadcast emergency alerts from equipment operators
  • Use login credentials and training records to verify operator qualification for specific equipment types

Mobile Hardware

With more than 35 years of experience delivering mine-tough mobile hardware, Modular has established a reputation for building systems that function reliably from the deserts of the Australian outback to the Alaskan Boreal forest, and in the harshest of underground environments.

Modular’s current mobile platform provides robust computing power, a colour touchscreen display, and wireless data connectivity, in a single package. Every Modular design undergoes rigorous lab and field testing for vibration, temperature, and moisture resistance.

The operators’ primary interface with the DISPATCH Underground system is through the 7in colour touchscreen display installed the cab of each equipment unit. Pre-configured equipment types include:

  • Load haul dump (LHD)
  • Underground haul truck
  • Production drill
  • Development drill
  • Roof bolter
  • Explosives truck
  • Mechanical scaler
  • Light vehicle
  • Auxiliary units

The mobile device utilizes large buttons, operator-selectable colour schemes, and a crisp, high-resolution display. The user interface is specifically designed to accommodate low-light environments and conditions.

Position Tracking

Track equipment locations underground using strategically-placed RFID tags affixed to your mine’s infrastructure. Rugged RFID tag readers are installed on all mobile equipment units. Modular’s approach to RFID equipment tracking presents an affordable, granular deployment of an RFID network.


The DISPATCH Underground system works with your existing 802.11 (Wi-Fi) compliant, distributed antenna system or other wireless data networks to communicate between mobile equipment and the DISPATCH Underground system central server.