CDE Global supplies a range of equipment that can be applied in diamond mining operations. These plans typically include the following processing phases:

  1. Primary screening, scrubbing and fines removal
  2. Fines management
  3. Primary water treatment
  4. Tailings waste management
  5. Auto sorting
  6. Pan recovery

CDE Global begins the process by screening feed material to remove the -6mm fraction, while the 6mm to 100mm material is delivered to the scrubbing phase. Material is subjected to severe attrition to breakdown clay contamination and remove organic matter and other lightweights from the feed material.

The -6mm fraction is delivered to the fines management phase where the inclusion of CDE’s customised hydrocyclone configuration enables the removal of the -63 micron fraction. Meanwhile, the 63 micron to 6mm fraction is dewatered on the CDE high-frequency dewatering screens.

Wastewater from the screening and fines management phase is delivered to the primary water treatment phase where 90% of process water is recirculated to the processing plant, minimising the volumes of fresh water required. The settled sludge from this stage is then delivered to a tailings waste management plant, that eliminate the requirement for tailings dams.

Auto-sorters are then employed to offer improved diamond recovery at high throughput rates. Following this, a pan recovery step may be introduced, depending on the specific characteristics of the material.

CDE Global’s unique approach to the design and delivery of industrial sands processing plant has a number of key advantages such as:

Customisation – a tailored turnkey processing system is built according to the feed material used, to match the final product specifications and capacity requirements.

Modularity – CDE’s systems are designed as modular components or individual building blocks to ensure a synergy between all individual pieces of equipment.

Durability – CDE Global uses the highest quality components to maximise plant productivity, availability and plant life.

Ease of maintenance – maximising plant production by making maintenance access as easy as possible, guaranteeing the safety of site personnel.

Process control – CDE Global designs, installs and commissions plant to ensure efficient integration of all the required equipment and maximum plant efficiency.

Energy-efficient design – full electric power for a cleaner, quieter and safer site.