Depression of gangue minerals and the control of silicates in the flotation process are critical to good metallurgical performance

Nasmin depressants are extensively used in the depression of Pyrite and Pyrrhotite as well as for the control of silica and talc minerals.

Nasmin depressants are based on a range of organic amines and modified polysaccharide and cellulose derivatives.

Our products include:

  • Nasmin 200: Good depression characteristics for weathered silicates and carbonaceous matter
  • Nasmin 300: Product range for viscosity modification in the control of inorganic gangue minerals
  • Nasmin 400: Depressant range for the control of pyrite and pyrrhotite
  • Nasmin 500:Depressant range for siliceous gangue minerals such as talc and Pyroxenes
  • Nasmin 600: Formulations for talc and carbonaceous gangue minerals