The CYCLONEtrac Oversize Monitoring (OSM) system has been specifically designed to alert grind operators when hydrocyclones are in a roping condition and unwanted coarse material is in the cyclone overflow stream. Data is provided in real-time to the control room to allow operators or a control system to take corrective action to prevent adverse impacts on the downstream process.

System Features:

  • Non-contact sensors
  • Shutdown free installation
  • Robust protective hardware
  • Maintenance free
  • Remote monitoring capability


  • Prevents process upsets/shutdowns
  • Increases mineral recovery
  • Reduces plant maintenance

The system consists of individual sensors mounted on the outside of the hydrocyclone overflow pipe, which use acoustics to sense the presence of large particles when cyclones rope. The system includes junction boxes, power entry boxes, transmitters, and a CYCLONEtrac PC with OPC communication to the plant DCS. The externally mounted OSM sensors are hard-wired to a junction box located near the hydrocyclones, which is connected to transmitter boxes. The junction box receives 24 VDC power from the power entry box and distributes power to the transmitter boxes and hydrocyclone-mounted OSM sensors. The junction box also communicates with the CYCLONEtrac PC using an ethernet cable. The CYCLONEtrac PC is connected to the internet to provide remote monitoring and support from the CiDRA Global Data Center.