Wheeled transport is a traditional transport mode of material and personnel in both surface and underground mines.

It can be implemented wherever the inclination of the transport route does not exceed 15°. This mode of transport is mainly used in underground mines utilizing mechanized mining methods like room and pillar, block caving, open level stoping and drift mining, where a rich network of roadways are created to extract the orebody. Wheeled transport methods can achieve a very high efficiency when selected correctly for the appropriate applications and they can be used in both flameproof and non-flameproof mines.

Ferrit is an exclusive distributor of AARD Mining Equipment which is a South African producer of underground mining equipment. The motion of AARD machines is generally ensured by a lower emission diesel engine and a hydraulic generator. These machines are controlled by either a steering wheel or steering levers. All AARD machines meet high levels of safety requirements both for the operator, as well as for the immediate surroundings. Operator’s cabins are ISO ROPS / FOPS certified and the requirements on low maintenance and operator’ comfort during operation are also met. AARD machines are able to work in very difficult working conditions with high productivity and reliability. AARD Mining Equipment is able to adapt the machines to particular customers conditions and thus supply customized solutions.