In the world of site safety, where every precaution counts, our range of group lock boxes stands tall as a beacon of protection. Designed to streamline lockout procedures while upholding stringent safety measures, these lock boxes are essential for any team working on industrial plants.

Picture this scenario: multiple personnel labouring on the same plant, each responsible for their designated tasks. To ensure utmost safety, it’s imperative that each individual attaches their personal padlock to every isolation point. This prevents the equipment from being operated while maintenance or repair work is underway, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Enter the group lock box – a game-changer in the realm of energy isolation. Rather than cluttering each lockout point with multiple locks and hasps, our group lock boxes offer a consolidated solution. By housing the keys to the plant’s lockout points within a secure box, locked by the individual padlocks of all workers involved, we streamline the process without compromising safety.

Our group lock boxes come in a variety of sizes to cater to different team sizes and job requirements. From compact options with 16 padlock holes to larger units boasting up to 84 holes, we have you covered. What’s more, our designs incorporate storage hooks for padlocks when not in use, ensuring convenience and efficiency on-site. Certain models even feature instruction holders for added clarity and compliance.

Our GLB-4 Group Lock Box pictured above features:

  • Sturdy Aluminium Construction Size 320mm x 405mm x 150mm
  • Clear tough Polycarbonate front sliding cover
  • Room for procedures in 3 places: Inside the double-layered lid, outside the clip-on lid, at the back of box
  • Lockout holes for up to 20 padlocks with up to 9mm shackles
  • Hooks inside for large quantity of keys to hang 24 padlocks
  • Removable studs in double-layered lid prevents it from being removed
  • Use as Group Lock Box, and/or for Padlock Storage
  • Available in Red as standard – other colours available upon request
  • Suitable for wall mounting, also has convenient carry handle.

With site safety as our paramount concern, we offer custom-made options to suit your specific needs. There are no compromises when it comes to safeguarding your team, and our group lock boxes epitomise this commitment. Empower your workforce with the latest equipment and the most stringent safety procedures – because when it comes to safety, there are no excuses.

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